12 Affirmations for the Breastfeeding Mama


It’s no doubt that breastfeeding is rewarding and a big accomplishment. It’s also no doubt that it will weigh you down at times. The mental, physical, and emotional weight of being a breastfeeding mama can be HEAVY, am I right?


The following affirmations are meant to act as a balm to the weary breastfeeding mom’s soul. It’s easy to let that heaviness take over, but I’m here today – using words as buoys – to help you lift you up out of any discouragement, doubt, or worry you might be feeling. I want to remind you of your why – so you can refocus with renewed energy.



Here we go…


  1. I have the ability to breastfeed my baby.
  2. I have the right to breastfeed my daughter/son.
  3. I am the right mom for this child. We were hand-picked to be together.
  4. Breastfeeding my baby is an honor and a privilege.
  5. I am a strong mom.
  6. Breastfeeding is something I am proud of and refuse to feel shamed by.
  7. Motherhood is beautiful; I am beautiful.
  8. I CAN do this. I can do hard things.
  9. I am not in this alone.
  10. Breastfeeding is an incredible gift I’m giving my child.
  11. This work of motherhood is important and vital.
  12. I am a blessed and thankful mama.


Overall, I want you to remember what an incredible mom you are. And even if you are in the trenches of nursing right now, you will look back and be thankful for it. I promise.


Now that you have read over these affirmations, what do you do with them?


Most likely, a few of these jumped out at you or made you smile. Take those few and commit them to memory, so positive self talk can prevail over negative feelings. Here’s how:

Begin by reading them out loud. Then write them down in a prominent place, or in a few different places where you’ll encounter them throughout your day. Some ideas include:

  • Setting an alarm on your phone with an affirmation as the label so you’ll see it when the alarm goes off.
  • Writing them on a note that’s placed next to the chair you most often breastfeed in.
  • Writing them on a note and then attaching it to your breast pump.
  • Making a simple song out of your favorites.
  • Sharing them with a support person who can text you these affirmations at random times.
  • Setting a specific time each day when you read over your favorite lines, or even the whole list of 12 above, like while you’re pumping or during your first nursing session of the day.



Eventually, these phrases will become locked in your mind and your heart, and will stand ready to wash encouragement over you just when you need it most.


You are doing a truly incredible job mama. Keep it up!


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