6 Must-Have Apps for the New Mom


As new moms we rely on our phone to document approximately 236 daily photos of our ever-changing baby, not to mention every new milestone imaginable. Nothing wrong with that, but there are so many other ways your phone can assist you as you navigate motherhood!

I don’t want to be dramatic, but you might even use the phrase “life-changing” to describe these genius and helpful apps. Simply search them in your app store to get started.



Cozi Family Organizer
This is an all encompassing family calendar to help you manage everyone’s schedules, shopping lists, event reminders….even alerts for things like returning library books!


The Wonder Weeks
 is based on a best selling book and predicts your baby’s 10 major mental developmental “leaps”. It also clues you in to when your child might be more fussy than usual due to changes in development. I’ve been using this with my second child and I’ve got to admit, it’s typically spot on! 




is used as a location app for parents to find nearby parks, diaper changing stations, places to breastfeed in private, kid friendly restaurants, etc. It’s also used as a community for parents to connect and crowdsource for info and advice.




We discussed this incredible company last week, and their app is what will help you locate your nearest Mamava breastfeeding suite. 




Keepy – Artwork and Schoolwork
this is an organization and storage tool for your child’s artwork. You can store them, share them, even print them! Truly genius! 




Baby Tracker Newborn Log
A must have for the brand new mom, because tracking feeding and dirty diapers and even sleep patterns is too much information for your brain to hold. Input it all here and then you can refer back to the logs and charts it creates for you! THE BEST. 


Once you’ve downloaded these and tried them out, make sure you pass this info on to your best mom friend!

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