About Us

About Us

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Our Promise

All of our staff at Wyatt's Pharmacy are highly-trained and exceptionally friendly. Our prices are comparable to corporate pharmacies and we will go above and beyond to save you time and money. We have fast, friendly and personal service, a convenient location, and no long lines. Our pharmacy is open 7 days a week and we offer pharmacy drive through service.  We accept almost all prescription insurance plans as well as offer over 275 generics for only $5 dollars ($5 Generic List). At Wyatt's Pharmacy, we would like to get to know you so come in and let us show you what customer service is all about.

Our Story

Wyatts Pharmacy was founded in 1963 with the vision of creating a drug store that puts customer satisfaction first.

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New Location

Since 1963 Wyatt’s has been a landmark in Lithia Springs as the premier pharmacy in the area. We are now taking that world class customer service and opening a medical equipment company in Florida! Starting in January 2018 Wyatt’s Pharmacy will open a branch of it’s Medical Equipment department in Jacksonville, Florida called ABC Medical! Watch out Sunshine state here we come!!

Meet the Team

At Wyatt's Pharmacy, we are one big family.  We have two teams, the pharmacy team and the durable medical equipment team.  Each group has a special purpose: to go above and beyond to serve our customers.


Wyatt's Pharmacy Owner David Tucket Portrait

David Tucker, PharmD

President, Owner

David Tucker is a Lithia Springs native who can trace his family's history to this area back to the late 1700's. David was hired by Jim Smith to work at Wyatt's Pharmacy on March 25th, 1990 thanks to the recommendation of Jill Kirby, a high school friend. David graduated cum laude from Mercer's Southern School of Pharmacy in 1997 with his Doctor of Pharmacy degree. In the years since, David and Charlie have worked together to provide the best customer service of any pharmacy in Douglas County. David married his high school sweetheart Alisa in 1997 and has 2 wonderful children, Clark and Charley Kay. David and his family are also members of Beulah Baptist Church and is a rabid Atlanta Falcons fan. He is also known to be a fan of a certain series of movies set "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."

Wyatt's Pharmacy Allen Brook portrait

Allen Brook, PharmD


Allen Brook was born and raised in Douglasville, Ga. He attended Alexander High School and graduated in 2004. After graduating high school Allen started college at The University of West Georgia where he studied pre-pharmacy. He also began working at Wyatt's Pharmacy as a technician in May of 2005. In 2007, he was accepted to South University School of Pharmacy in Savannah and graduated in 2010. If Allen is not at Wyatt’s you can be sure to find him spending time with his little girl and wife hanging out at a park.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Brook Browning Portrait

Brooke Browning, PharmD


Brooke was born in Pittman New Jersey and moved to Georgia at age 7.  After graduating from Lithia Springs High School in 2008 she started her career at Wyatt's Pharmacy while attending West Ga State University.  She worked part-time as a technician while attending PCOM in their PharmD program. Brooke graduated pharmacy school in May 2016 and is now a full time pharmacist with us.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Destiny Portrait

Destiny, CPhT

Store Manager

Destiny was born and raised in Douglas County and is a Lithia Springs High School alumni (we won’t say from what year). She started her career with Wyatt’s as a pharmacy technician in 1998 and has been with us ever since. She is married and has 2 kids that she loves spending time with when she is not taking care of the customers at Wyatt’s. Destiny is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and keeps the pharmacy running and everyone in line. . . .most of the time.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Kimberly Portrait


Rx Technician

Kimberly is a South Cobb native and has been with Wyatt’s since 2005. In that time she has mastered many roles from balancing the books to assisting in the filling of prescriptions, making her a master of all trades at Wyatt’s. When not at work Kimberly enjoys hanging out with her family on the lake or anywhere with water and sunshine.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Anna Portrait


Rx Technician

Anna has been with Wyatt’s since 2012 and is one of our valued pharmacy technicians. When Anna is not helping us accurately fill prescriptions and ringing up customers she enjoys spending time with her growing family.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Ali Portrait


Rx Technician

Ali started her journey with Wyatt’s in 2016. When she is not working at Wyatt’s she is up on stage singing her heart out for the glory of God Sundays at 10:30am at Beulah Baptist Church. If you don’t like her singing we promise she is a better pharmacy technician than vocalist.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Gisella Portrait


Rx Technician

Gisalle Hernandez has been a member of the Wyatt's team since July of 2016. She is one of our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacy technicians. Gisalle is also one of our team members that is fluent in Spanish so we can provide great service to our Spanish speaking friends. She graduated from Pebblebrook High School in 2017 and will begin college classes in June to begin her career as a nurse.

Luke Marquez

Luke Marquez

Rx Technician, CPhT

Luke has been with Wyatt’s since 2016 and is currently enrolled at he University of West Georgia. When Luke is not at work you can probably find him at Beulah Baptist Church helping spread the good word!

Durable Medical Equipment

Wyatt's Pharamacy Ben Weaver Portrait

Ben Weaver


Ben was born and raised in Lithia Springs, GA. He started his career at Wyatt's at the age of 16 while at Lithia Springs High School. After graduating from SPSU with his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology, Ben married Brittany McCoy in 2012 and they have two girls, Baylor and Bennett. With an excellent staff, Ben is here to help you get the right equipment with the best service around!

Kelsey Pic1

Kelsey Harville, CDME

Office Manager

Kelsey has been with Wyatt's Pharmacy since 2011 and is our Certified Durable Medical Equipment Specialist. In January 2018 Kelsey took over as Office Manager and runs the day to day operations of the medical equipment department. She is here to answer any questions you may have about your insurance and help you get the equipment you need.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Shelby Brashier Portrait

Shelby Brashier, CLC

Assistant Manager

Shelby is our Senior Breast Pump Specialist and is here to assist you in getting the perfect pump. She recently completed her Certified Lactation Counselor training in Summer 2016 and can answer any questions you may have about breastfeeding your baby.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Parker Portrait

Parker Purvis, PVLIS

Certified Service Tech

Parker has been with Wyatt’s since 2016 and is Certified by the Pride Learning Institute on Troubleshooting Power Mobility Devices and Installing Vehicle Lifts. If you’ve got an order that needs to be delivered, or a scooter that needs to be repaired, this is the man for the job.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Zack Johnson Portrait

Zack Johnson, CFTS

Service Tech & Fitter

Zac has been with Wyatt’s since 2017 as one of our repair/service technicians. If you’ve got a problem with your medical equipment Zac can figure it out.

Wyatt's Pharmacy Ansley Proctor Portrait

Ansley Proctor

Breast Pump Specialist

Ansley started her journey with Wyatt's in 2016. Ansley completed her lactation counseling training in Fall 2017 and is the main contact for all new moms who wish to breastfeed. She is here to assist you and help you understand your insurance benefits and help you get the pump you need!

Wyatt's Pharmacy Eileen Lindall Portrait

Eileen Lindall, CFTS

Sales Associate 

Eileen is a Douglas County girl who started her career at Wyatt’s in Fall 2017. Eileen brings years of customer service and medical coding experience with her so she is ready to assist you with all of your medical equipment needs. Eileen is a Certified Fitter for Therapeutic Shoes and is an expert in diabetic foot care. If you are in need of diabetic footwear or a new lift chair she’s the gal to talk too!


Chrystalia Issac

Intake Coordinator

Chrystalia was born and raised in St. Thomas before moving upstate and becoming a Philly girl at the age of 10. She recently moved to Georgia in 2017 and started her career at Wyatt’s shortly after. She is one of our bilingual staff members who is fluent in spanish and english. Chrystalia is one of our highly trained breast pump specialist and is ready to assist you with all of your medical equipment needs.

What's New At Wyatt's

We've been in business for over 50 years as an Independent pharmacy and medical equipment supplier. In that time we have found that the key to success is customer satisfaction. It's our goal to provide you with top notch service at an affordable price.