Fall Wardrobe Essentials for the Breastfeeding Mom


One of the trickier parts of being a nursing mom is finding clothing that works for your everyday life, especially as you move in to a new season. Of course we want to look cute (!) but functionality of clothes weighs pretty heavily when you’re breastfeeding.



Since you’ll be nursing your baby an average of 6-8 times a day, your clothing shouldn’t be a hindrance whether you’re out running errands or spending the day at home. 


I’ve put together a list of essentials that every breastfeeding mom should have in her wardrobe this fall. Here we go!


Nursing tank top with clasps or regular tanks with a stretchy neck line.
Some women don’t like how constricting traditional nursing tanks can be because of the integrated shelf bra, so in that case just grab a couple of soft and stretchy tanks that can be pulled up or down easily.


Versatile, neutral cardigan to wear over tops and tanks.
Since it’s open front, it’s one less article of clothing to deal with when it’s time to feed the baby. Love this cable knit one.


Dress with functioning buttons, or a nursing dress – yes, they exist! (They have hidden zippers or panels around the chest area – so smart!) One of my favorite boutiques carries an entire collection of these dresses.


via Roolee


A cozy wrap-style poncho.
This is an easy layer to wear over another shirt and can double as a nursing cover in a bind.


Another great option for a nursing cover is a blanket scarf. Pick a neutral one that will go with most of your fall wardrobe.


A “lounge” dress that’s comfortable enough to wear around the house but also able to be worn for outings.
This brand is all about mom comfort + function!


via Dwell and Slumber


Flannel button down shirt.
These are versatile because you can wear them buttoned up over one of your tanks, or open. Grab a few of these! (A soft chambray button down is a great option too!)


Overalls. Yes, overalls are back, friends!
Maybe it’s just me, but it kind of seems like they were made for nursing moms!?




And this one may not be “fall specific”, but it’s an essential for sure: a good nursing bra. I’d argue that having one or two nice, well made bras is better than having half a dozen cheap ones. Your nursing bra will be doing a lot of heavy lifting (pun intended) and it will be noticeable if it can’t handle the job. This brand and this one come highly recommended. 


Hopefully this list will help you navigate the next season as you get your closet ready. As a nursing mom, your clothes should work for you and help facilitate feeding your baby! You have enough to stress about, so don’t let your clothing be one more worry. Happy Fall, friends!


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