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I would bet if I took a poll, the majority of breastfeeding mamas would report that finding a clean and comfortable place to nurse or pump in public ranks near the top of the #nursingproblems list. Am I right?


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I remember how I felt when I needed to nurse my baby in public, both as a first time mom and on the second go-around. It was honestly a little stress and anxiety inducing. I always kept an eye out for a spot that was low-key but rarely succeeded in finding something that met all my specifications (you know – clean, private, convenient, and most importantly – NOT A BATHROOM). So I usually resorted to my car. Not the worst choice in the world but certainly not the best.


Nursing moms everywhere encounter this problem daily, but they shouldn’t have to. Why aren’t there accommodations made for this incredibly common scenario? How many of us pump in our cars or rush home in the middle of outings? Why are moms still hiding out in a dirty bathroom stall to feed their baby?


Well moms, I have good news. Someone has (FINALLY!) come to our rescue!


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Christine Dodson and Sascha Mayer are the women in the superhero capes whom you can thank profusely should you ever meet them. They had experienced the same unfortunate scenario too many times and decided to create the solution themselves. They invented the Mamava Lactation Pod for moms – a freestanding unit that is enclosed on all sides with a locked door for total privacy. Inside you’ll find benches, outlets, a shelf, a mirror, plus plenty of space should you have another child with you or even a stroller.

Cute and comfy and oh so practical. (WIN, WIN, WIN).


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I can think of approximately one million places where this would be useful. The first ones to come to mind for me personally are churches, hospitals, in the workplace, libraries, airports, and of course the place moms notoriously frequent the most: TARGET.

I am not kidding when I say I would have broken out in a happy dance to have run across one of these while I was still in nursing mode.

The doors to these suites use a keypad lock with Bluetooth for security, so you gain access via an app on your phone – how cool! is that? You can also use the app to search for Mamava pods near you. (LIFE CHANGING.)


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While I obviously appreciate the practicality of this much-needed space, probably what I love the most is that Mamava is highlighting the beauty of breastfeeding by being dedicated to transforming the culture of breastfeeding, making it more optimistic, realistic, accommodating, and inviting to all mamas” – to use their own words.


THAT is an idea I can get behind. Breastfeeding is hard enough as it is without the extra obstacles we encounter from society. Companies like this are making the breastfeeding world better and brighter by supporting and encouraging nursing mamas. So, Mamava, I don’t think they’ll mind if I speak on behalf of all of us when I shout a giant “THANK YOU!”

We feel seen and cared for, and that’s a beautiful gift to give a mother.


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Read more about Mamava products here.

Read more about their mission statement here.


This article is in no way sponsored by Mamava. “Let’s Discuss” posts are designed to inform moms about new ideas, science, and innovation involving all things lactation. 



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