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Medela offers a variety of breastfeeding products to meet every mom’s needs. Medela also offers a wide range of breastfeeding accessories and spare parts that support and enhance the breastfeeding experience.

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Medela Advanced Breast Pump Starter Set Product Image

Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump Starter Set

Looking for a 2-Phase Expression pump that could be covered by your insurance? You've found it. The Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set is part of Medela's patented 2-Phase Expression technology pump family.

  • 2-Phase Expression technology is proven to get 18%* more milk when double pumping
  • Fits perfectly into Medela's breastpump bags (sold separately)
  • Only use authentic Medela spare parts
  • Learn how to customize your pump
Medela Advanced Tote Bag Product Image

Pump In Style Advanced ​Tote Bag

Pump In Style Advanced is a daily use breast pump designed for moms who pump several times a day.  All Pump In Style Advanced breast pumps offer portable convenience for discreet pumping anywhere.

Available in three bag styles:

  • On-the-go Tote, Backpack and The Metro Bag™.

Featuring the original 2-Phase Expression® technology - only found in Medela breast pumps.  Learn More

Watch the Pump In Style Advanced video collection
Watch the Easy Expression video

Medela Freestyle Breast Pump Deluxe Set Product Image

Freestyle® Breastpump Deluxe Set

Freestyle double electric breast pump with 2-Phase Expression® Technology features a rechargeable battery and lightweight motor, providing a mobile pumping experience to keep up with your busy lifestyle.  The backlit digital display, timer and memory button helps you personalize and control your pump sessions.

Freestyle Breast Pump Deluxe Set offers the convenience of an all-in-one mobile and portable solution.  Building from the foundation of the starter set, the deluxe set includes the addition of Medela’s portable breast pump carry bag, cooler set and 2 additional bottles, everything you need for on-the-go pumping.

Embrace the mobility of Freestyle, pump hands-free with the Easy Expression™ Bustier – Free voucher included only in the deluxe set.

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