Optimizing Your Baby’s Nursery For Breastfeeding

Nursing a new baby is a round-the-clock job – no joke. Every two to three hours (and sometimes sooner than that!) you’ll be sitting in a single spot for long stretches of time. So you might as well have your home optimized for breastfeeding so you are as comfortable and as prepared as possible for each nursing session.



One of the best things you can do for your postpartum mental health to prevent feeling overwhelmed is create systems for your daily life. This frees up mental space by establishing structure and making choices in advance so they can’t bog you down all day long  –  which is immensely helpful in the demanding season of new motherhood.

So let’s start with getting your baby’s nursery fully set up with a breastfeeding station.

In the nursery, one of the most important items you’ll want is a comfortable place to sit as you’ll be spending lots of time there! An upholstered rocker with arm rests is most conducive for breastfeeding. And here’s one more chair tip when you’re shopping: make sure the back of the chair is tall enough to allow your head to rest against it when sitting. If it’s not, you won’t be able to fully rest during those middle of the night feeds when you’re only half awake! A foot stool comes in more handy than you might think, especially for propping up while breastfeeding or pumping.

I actually did not have a nice comfy rocker with my first baby and I made do, but looking back I wish I had invested in one back then. You’ll use it far beyond the first few months, and if you plan to have more than one baby, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

Next to your rocker, a small side table or nightstand is perfect for storing all your essentials. If you can set this up next to an outlet, that’s ideal, and keep an extra charger plugged in here as well!

Here are the essentials you’ll want within reach from your chair:

Lamp or any kind of nightlight that’s easy to manage with just one hand, and not too bright, because again – #middleofthenightfeeds. A blue light is not as harsh on yours or your baby’s eyes as a typical light bulb.

A notepad & pen in case you need to jot down feed times or any other notes.

Bra pads

Nipple cream

Refillable water bottle that you can open with one hand.

Snack – granola bar/nuts/trail mix/peanut butter crackers


Nursing pillow

Stack of burp cloths & bibs

Swaddle blanket


Place the smaller items inside a basket or in the top drawer where you can easily access them.



If you have the space, an additional nursing station in your primary living space is convenient, especially for those of you with other children (since you won’t always be able to steal away to the nursery) or if you have a two story home where the baby’s room is upstairs. A good spot would be a couch or comfy chair next to a table and an outlet. Recreate the same set up from the nursery so you’re able to nurse easily in either spot without carrying things back and forth between the two.

In the early days when you are relegated to one spot for so much of the day (and night) it’s beyond helpful to have a fully prepped area waiting on you every two to three hours! Hopefully this will ease some of your new mama load. 🙂


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