Let’s Talk….Podcasts


Podcasts….you’ve heard of them, right?

You probably fall into one of two categories: either you love and listen to podcasts regularly, or you only have a vague idea of what a podcast even is, and aren’t sure why people would bother listening to them.

For those of you who already subscribe to shows, I want to point you toward some that have impacted my motherhood. And if you’re unsure about the whole podcast thing, we’re gonna change that. 🙂


First up, what is a podcast?

Think of a podcast like a radio show with a host. Some shows are interview-style with a new guest on each time, and others are single speaker. They usually focus in on a particular subject, or at least a theme. And instead of coming on the radio at specific times, you can access episodes of their show at any time. Some podcasts are short, just 15 or 20 minute-long episodes, while others last over an hour. 


Okay, now why would I listen to one?

They are packed full of completely free content! You can gain all kinds of knowledge, insight, advice, tips, encouragement, and inspiration just by listening. There are podcasts about everything – organization, decorating, parenting, healthy living, marriage, cleaning hacks, celebrity “news”, and even some that tell fictional stories. So basically, you can listen in on conversations about topics that pertain to you and your interests.


But when would I find time to listen to a podcast?

The genius part of audio-based content is that you don’t have to sit down and read an article or a blog post, you can listen to it while going about your normal activities. You have a pause button, so you can listen in when convenient and then pause an episode to pick it up again later. For busy moms, audio-based content is invaluable. If you were to ask my friends and family about it, they would probably tell you that I have a podcast on at various points all throughout my day. Many times, it replaces the television or even music for me. 

For example, I usually have a podcast playing while I shower, do dishes, wait in the preschool pick up line, fold laundry, sort paperwork….essentially whenever I have a “mindless” task going.


Alright, you have me convinced! Now, how do I access them?

If you have an Apple iPhone, just click on the purple podcast app icon. On the bottom right, you’ll see a magnifying glass – click that to access the search field. Then you’ll type in either the name of a specific show, or you can enter in a keyword to search for podcasts with that in the title or description.

Then after you find a show you like, look for the purple “Subscribe” button. Click that! Once you do, the show will be added to your Library for easy access, plus new episodes will be automatically downloaded.

That’s it!

Android users, click here for a quick walk-through!


Finally, here are some podcast recommendations to get you started (you’ll just type these names in the search bar I mentioned earlier):

Coffee + Crumbs – inspiration & honest conversation from the Coffee + Crumbs team of writers, plus interviews with authors and experts.

Inspired to Action with Kat Lee – practical advice and focused talks on motherhood

The Happy Hour – an hour long chat that feels like you’re listening in on two girlfriends

Mom Struggling Well – encouraging stories of moms who’ve faced various difficulties 

The Lazy Genius – this is my current favorite; Kendra walks through all kinds of topics and scenarios and teaches you how to do them more efficiently/with more purpose

The Mom Hour – two moms sharing tips and stories from their own motherhood

God Centered Mom – living out motherhood through the lens of the gospel

The Birth Hour – all types of birth stories told by women all over the world

**When you scroll down on a show’s page, you’ll notice similar recommended shows. Be sure to browse through and see what you can find!

I think you’re going to find podcasts to be helpful, whether it’s through practical advice or just some much-needed encouragement and solidarity. And especially if you take the time to find a couple of shows you enjoy, I bet you’ll be searching for spots in your day when you can press play!

If you have a podcast you love and would recommend, PLEASE share it! Seriously – I would love to add it to my library.


And one more thing: Keep up the good work, mama!

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