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    Don't Lose Your Family in the Holiday Marathon

    Don't Lose Your Family in the Holiday Marathon

    It’s coming fast.

    The holidays are so close and we already have the packed schedules and frazzled hearts to show for it. We’re in the thick of it right now - crossing things off our list, Amazon prime-ing constantly, wrapping up the gifts we’ve already purchased, cooking for parties, mailing out Christmas cards - all of this on top of our regularly scheduled programming of mothering, family, and work commitments.

    If the holidays were a marathon, we’re at mile marker 18, with some of the most exhausting miles ahead of us.

    Sometimes I think we prioritize our to-do list so much that we miss out on what’s actually important to us.

    I want to encourage you today to take five minutes to list out your ideal expectations for this rapidly approaching season. It can be short and sweet as long as it’s honest.

    What tradition(s) give you the most joy?

    What kind of quality time with your own family unit is a non-negotiable?

    Who is a must-see/visit this time of year?

    If you could only choose 1-2 holiday gatherings to attend, which ones would they be?

    If you’re having a hard time with this exercise, focus on how you want to feel when the whirlwind of Christmas is over - and then run every to-do list item through that filter.

    If something on your calendar or to-do list isn’t fitting your criteria, see how you can modify it or possibly cross it off your list altogether.

    As the moms, and typically the planners/schedulers for our family, we have to remember we are largely responsible for the atmosphere in our home. If you were to evaluate it right now, how would you describe yours? (Or, more revealing possibly, how would your children describe it?) Rushed? Disconnected? Relaxed? Joyful? Or maybe something in between?

    The good news is that you get to decide. You can choose what spirit you want this entire season to operate out of. It’s simply a matter of pressing pause and recalibrating now. Model what you want to see from the people in your home and in your life.

    Be restful. Joyful. Generous. Be present.

    The magic of this season for me personally is experiencing it as a mama: through the heart of my kids. I bet you would say the same for yourself.

    If that’s true, then we have to create the space for it. We have to make some time to sit still and soak it in. We have to figure out what’s important as a family and then make it happen. We will probably have to say some “no’s” and turn down some invitations. The reward, though, is a fulfilling season instead of a draining one.

    If you’re intentional now, then at the finish line of this holiday, you’ll feel the difference. You’ll feel the fullness of the season, not just the exhaustion. You don’t have to lose your family or the magic in the holiday marathon!

    Wishing you the Merriest Christmas, on behalf of the entire Wyatt’s Pharmacy team.

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